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About the book 

One day an alligator climbs up onto a boy’s back and changes his world completely. This new friend makes the boy feel sad and believe bad things about himself. A fox appears and asks the boy to talk about the feelings that are making him look so sad. When he does the gator gets scared and runs and hides in a cave. Once on his own again, the boy realizes how much power the gator has had over his life. Suddenly he has the energy to play and enjoy his life again! The gator comes back, but this time the boy has the understanding to set rules in place. When the gator misbehaves, the boy knows that he holds the power to diffuse the alligator and can banish him back to his cave by talking about his feelings. This beautiful book teaches children about depression and sadness, and about the significance of talking about feelings.  It’s an incredibly important and useful learning tool. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.